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Indiana Blog 9

IN Blog #9: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going

In Indiana’s first cohort of SIG schools, new ideas for school turnaround were examined form multiple perspectives.  We considered  State take of over low-performing schools to transformation that

SEA April 18, 2016

IDOE Blog #8

Innovative Leadership - Indiana Blog Post #8

During the journey of school transformation, a frequently asked question is, "What are the roles of the SEA and LEA in the improvement process?"  Indiana has exercised state statutory auth

SEA March 18, 2016

SIG Reflections

Since last August, the Indiana Department of Education has been sharing their reflections on their work with SIG schools. In this seventh blog post, they summarize what they have learned over the past few years, and their change of direction after the first 3 cohorts, culminating in a new approach with the current, sixth cohort. Their approach includes starting with the right conversation, heading out in the right direction, learning from the past, and making wise decisions about what guidance to seek and follow. As a result of this thoughtful process SEA roles and responsibilities have become clearer, and schools and districts are better prepared to commit to action.

SEA February 18, 2016

Map of Massachusetts with #1

Massachusetts’ Approach to Building Capacity of Districts in School Turnaround Efforts

Of 40 schools identified by the state’s accountability system as Level 4 (among the lowest performing, least improving schools most urgently in need of turnaround) in 2010 and 2011, 22 exited turnaround status by the fall of 2015.  What key practices led to their achievement gains? How were both the SEA and the Districts involved in the improvement efforts?

SEA February 09, 2016

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Ongoing District Support

The importance of district support for school turnaround and transformation is well researched and supported.  In practice, maintaining and improving that support presents challenges. What can the SEA do to engage districts at a higher level? Indiana’s process includes convening district representatives and facilitating exploration of their roles and leadership practices that can better support their schools.

SEA January 25, 2016

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Local Wisdom and the Possibilities Ahead

How might State Education Agencies operate differently if decisions about resource distribution and inclusion in collaborative projects were based on need and equity rather than business-as-usual politics? What are some key strategies for identifying local needs and contributing factors across the state?

RCC January 04, 2016

Turnaround In Action

Reflect and comment on blog posts about research, promising practices, new ideas, and lessons learned related to school improvement and turnaround.