How Indiana is Maximizing the SIG Planning Year STLC

By Julie Duffield / August 21, 2015

The STLC is very excited to invite you to join and follow staff from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) as they share their reflections via a monthly blog on how they are using the SIG pre-implementation year to strategically change the way they think and interact with schools.

This recent Federal School Improvement Grants (SIG) 2015 amendment enables SIG LEA awardees to take the first year of the five-year grant to develop an implementation plan. This “pre-planning implementation” provides the opportunity for SEAs to guide and collaborate with awarded LEAs to develop a comprehensive approach to turning around schools.

We thank the staff from the office of Early Learning and Intervention for creating this opportunity for us to join them as they blog about their experiences.

 Their reflections will help us all learn with and from each other as we examine important questions such as,  “How do you change the way your SEA interacts and supports school districts and turnaround schools and move from compliance to collaboration, and then to convergence in the implementation of the SIG process?

Please read their first blog reflection, and feel free to join in on the conversation and share what resonates for you.

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Julie Duffield

Julie Duffield is on the leadership team of the Center on School Turnaround and oversees the development of networks and online interactions. She is on the Journeys content team and designs webinars and other virtual interactions to extend conversations about the Journeys work, and is a blog contributor.

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