Technical Assistance-based Collections to Support Academic Recovery RCC

By Julie Duffield / April 15, 2015

In 2014, Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center (MACC@WestEd) started working with Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) regional assigned Academic Recovery Liaisons (ARL’s) in improving their services to Priority schools.  Following initial face to face convenings, ongoing technical assistance to ARL’s has included monthly video conferences and the MACC facilitating a series of private monthly webinars for the ARLs on identified topics, including transient/mobile students, English language learners and test-taking strategies, improving student attendance, data-based decision making, school climate, and adolescent literacy.  For each topic, MACC staff also curates recommended research and strategies for use by ARLs in their technical assistance support. MACC uses the STLC’s private Sharespace to review and make these into public collections for PDE, ARL’s and others doing similar assistance.

 We invite you to review the public collection, “Meeting the Needs of Transient/Mobile Students.” Collections on the remaining five topics are currently being curated in MACC@WestEd’s private Sharespace and will be made available to the public when complete. 

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Julie Duffield is on the leadership team of the Center on School Turnaround and oversees the development of networks and online interactions. She is on the Journeys content team and designs webinars and other virtual interactions to extend conversations about the Journeys work, and is a blog contributor.

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