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By Heather Mattson / November 14, 2013

Learn about the early challenges and successes in implementing a School Improvement Grant (SIG) in an extremely remote school in rural Nevada with a large migrant, English-learner, and socioeconomically disadvantaged population. While some of the issues are uniquely rural, many are universal to any school and district starting a turnaround process. School, district, and state department of education staff shared lessons learned from the early stages of their school improvement effort. If you are a school, district or state leader working on school turnaround, please check out this webinar archive.

Amargosa-Journey-9-20-13-1069-300x225.jpgIn this webinar Sue Moulden-Horton, SIG Coordinator from the Nevada Department of Education (NDE), discussed how she uses the National Implementation Research Network’s implementation drivers to structure monitoring visits and reports. Dale Norton, Superintendent of Nye County School District, and Rob Williams, principal of Amargosa Valley School, provided an overview of the early stages of implementing their SIG. What’s working? What needs adjusting? What has been more challenging than they expected? What are they learning as a result of their first state monitoring visit?

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Heather Mattson

Heather Mattson is a Senior Research Associate at WestEd and a staff member of the Center on School Turnaround. In addition to coordinating the Journeys content team, she is a Journeys school facilitator and a blog contributor.

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