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By Heather Mattson / June 24, 2014

There is growing interest in personalized and performance-based approaches to support student learning. Personalized Mastery (also known as competency-based learning) is one such approach, focusing on students moving through content at their own learning pace. Learn about the early challenges in implementing Personalized Mastery as a school improvement strategy in a small-town middle school with a large achievement gap.

School, district, and state staff shared the steps taken on their initial journey to Personalized Mastery. Topics discussed included Personalized Mastery as a possible school improvement strategy and an overview of the hopes and challenges of the early stages of implementation.


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Heather Mattson

Heather Mattson is a Senior Research Associate at WestEd and a staff member of the Center on School Turnaround. In addition to coordinating the Journeys content team, she is a Journeys school facilitator and a blog contributor.

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