WestEd R&D Alert Highlights Rural Turnaround JOURNEYS

By Heather Mattson / June 26, 2014

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This issue of WestEd’s R&D Alert focuses on how the Center on School Turnaround is documenting the process of turnaround efforts, including how that process is shaped by location. In the Journeys Project, WestEd’s national Center on School Turnaround (CST) is documenting Amargosa School’s (Nevada) story to capture lessons of turnaround efforts, from the early stages through implementation. In Amargosa’s case, the project highlights issues that may be unique to rural schools.

The CST has also administered a questionnaire to senior staff from 13 state education agencies about implementation of turnaround strategies in rural schools and has conducted a review of research literature on rural school improvement. A CST handbook, The State Role in School Turnaround: Emerging Best Practices, captures results from this survey and the literature review in a chapter 15 on “Building Rural District Capacity for Turnaround.”

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Heather Mattson

Heather Mattson is a Senior Research Associate at WestEd and a staff member of the Center on School Turnaround. In addition to coordinating the Journeys content team, she is a Journeys school facilitator and a blog contributor.

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