Leadership for Quality Instruction STLC

Published Curated on April 17, 2014

These resources offer information about leadership structures and practices that promote high quality instruction and contribute to student achievement. It includes a range of resources such as reports, case studies, information briefs, and multimedia. These resources can be used by leaders who have a range of experience, who work in different types of districts and schools, and who serve students with different types of needs and backgrounds. They may also be valuable for teacher leaders and other school staff beyond administrators serving in leadership roles.


Enhancing Leadership Quality

This brief, based on the TQ Source Tips and Tools, summarizes three key issues related to improving leadership quality: Enhancing Teacher Leadership...


The Principal's Role

This video describes how principals can help their schools improve instruction by being present in the classroom and checking to see how new teaching...


The Principal as Instructional Leader

The instructional leadership of the principal is a critical factor in the success of a school’s improvement initiatives and the overall effectiveness...


Building Effective Leadership Teams

This PowerPoint presentation from the Consortium on Chicago School Research presents a framework for Instructional leadership with essential supports...


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