Meeting the Needs of Transient and Mobile Students RCC

Published Curated on March 06, 2015

The Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center (MACC@WestEd) prepared this resource collection in 2015 for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Academic Recovery Liaisons. MACC@WestEd and the Center on School Turnaround staff offer this collection for educators to address the academic needs of transient and mobile students. The collection provides a broad look at recommended research and strategies and includes items for use by state departments of education, by schools, and by districts, as well as other general and research-based resources.


Tips for Supporting Mobile Students

This brief provides: a) recommendations for school districts; b) recommendations for schools; c) a variety of strategies for classrooms to use during...


When Mobility Disrupts Learning

This article describes the effects of student mobility on individual students and their schools and identifies a variety of strategies for success...


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