The Principal Pipeline: Programs and Processes STLC

Published Curated on March 20, 2014

These resources can help inform the training and support of leaders in schools, and describe practices and programs to identify, prepare, and support principals. It includes a range of resources such as reports, case studies, newsletters, briefs, and multimedia. These resources may be beneficial for anyone working to improve the ways they cultivate principals.


Cultivating the Ability to Lead

This two-part audio series describes The New York City Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Principals Program, which is designed to recruit, train, and...


Leadership Needs Assessment

These tools can be used by schools and/or districts to help develop and train turnaround leaders. The first tool, a reflection template, can help...


Enhancing Leadership Quality

This brief, based on the TQ Source Tips and Tools, summarizes three key issues related to improving leadership quality: Enhancing Teacher Leadership...


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