Using Early Indicators to Provide Student Supports in Secondary Schools STLC

Published Curated on February 11, 2014

This collection provides secondary school teachers, leaders, and other stakeholders with information and resources for identifying students off track to graduation as early as ninth grade. The first resource, an information brief, presents research on early warning indicators and how they can be used to create student supports to prevent dropout and promote school success. The next group of resources includes an information brief and accompanying tool developed by the National High School Center. The brief describes best practices for implementing an early warning data system. The tool allows users to enter their student data to identify and monitor students at risk for dropping out. The final two resources are media pieces that describe how one school district uses these early indicators to make decisions both for individual students as well as at the classroom and school levels.


Early Warning System High School Tool

The National High School Center's Early Warning System (EWS) High School Tool enables schools and districts to identify students who may be at...


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