Get the Information You Need: How to Design Educator Evaluation Studies for Continuous Improvement RCC


By Roshni Menon, Alex Berg-Jacobson, Tim Field, and Brendan Yorke

Center on Great Teachers & Leaders

Publication February 2015
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This Ask the Team, draws on reports from 13 states that have already undertaken educator evaluation studies to highlight strategies and examples for designing your own evaluation study as part of a continuous improvement process. Collecting ongoing feedback and evaluating evaluation system impact is crucial for keeping the system appropriate, meaningful, and informative for all educators. Pilot and implementation studies are valuable resources that support continuous improvement and provide important information to state education agencies, including the following:

  • Documentation of the evaluation system design and resources
  • Evidence of how the system works in practice
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the design, supporting resources, and implementation process
  • Stakeholder feedback and perspectives
  • Quality control checks on fidelity of implementation, the quality of evaluation data, and other areas across districts and schools

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