The Governance Team’s Role in School Turnaround and Transformation


By Valerie Wilson, Executive Director; Sam King, Georgia School Boards Association

Presentation June 2018

Session Description

Research reveals that the governance team (Board and Superintendent working in unison) creates conditions that result in school improvement and play a huge role in producing high performing school systems.  This engaging session will consist of research-based indicators pinpointed by the Education Trust Foundation that reside in the critical areas of equity in teacher effectiveness/assignment, establishing clear expectations for leaders at all levels, targeting resource allocation to schools based on their individual needs and student access to high quality/rigor.  We will discuss how actions taken and decisions made by the governance team establish the climate and readiness of the entire organization (e.g., equity in funding, curriculum, teachers, and discipline policies).  The manner in which the team collectively distinguishes between the responsibilities of its chief executive officer to provide leadership and manage the district and the responsibilities of the Board as a policy-making, governance body will either facilitate or inhibit school turnaround and student success 

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