Great State Leaders: A Competency Framework for Growing Talent in a State Education Agency USDOE


By Reform Support Network (RSN)


Publication June 2015
Competency Framework Cover

Reforms of the scope and scale of those being undertaken by States today require the development of strong leaders at all levels of the SEA. However, assessing and building the skills and abilities of staff is often lacking, and there are few resources in place to help existing SEA staff to grow and develop into strong leaders. This competency framework is a first step in assisting SEAs to systemically address the leadership skills of their staff, identify weak spots and support employees to improve in targeted ways. The framework uses a 4-point scale of progressively more advanced levels of capacity from Beginning to Role Model, and may be used individually or with a team. The Exercise Guide includes specified learning objectives, pre-work, activity plans and reflection templates. The results of these exercises can be used to create professional development plans for particular teams or individuals, identify opportunities for cross-team learning, create mentoring opportunities, or select prioritized criteria for future hires.

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