Identifying Instructional Strategies to Address English Learner Needs, and Providing Monitoring and Professional Development to Support Implementation USDOE


U.S. Department of Education


Turning around a history of low performance at Adams Elementary School (Washington) required a close examination of the needs of English Learners (ELs), who compose more than half of the school’s student population. To improve ELs’ progress in learning English and attaining academic proficiency, Adams administrators introduced a three-pronged approach in 2010–11 that involved the following: (1) assessing teachers’ strengths and needs in serving ELs; (2) establishing a special leadership committee to research, identify, and continually refine a set of schoolwide instructional strategies to meet ELs’ needs; and (3) developing a system of monitoring, feedback, and targeted professional development to support teachers’ use of these instructional strategies.

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