The Journeys Project/Amargosa Episode 3: Refining and Revising the Improvement Plan CST JOURNEYS


By Heather Mattson and Scott Vince

Center on School Turnaround

Publication September 2015
Students of Amargosa jumping in the air

Most school improvement efforts are described after the turnaround occurred. In the Journeys Project, the Center on School Turnaround at WestEd (CST) chronicles schools throughout the turnaround process.

Episode 1 introduces the school improvement journey of Amargosa Valley School, an extremely remote K-8 in rural Nevada with a large migrant, English-learner, and socioeconomically disadvantaged population. Episode 2 details how the school and district try to handle the challenges of recruiting and staffing in a remote rural setting.

This episode discusses how the staff handles aspects of the School Improvement Grant plan that required modification, along with how they are building on successful plan components. Check out the School Turnaround Learning Community’s Turnaround in Action blog for more on the Journeys Project.

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