Partnering with Diverse Families and Community Members STLC



Webinar December 6, 2011

This session explored the ways several schools have successfully cultivated and sustained partnerships with diverse families and community members. Our schools and districts throughout the country are experiencing dramatic shifts in demographics, and this diversity brings rich resources, but this can also be a source of misunderstanding and conflict among school staff, families, and other community stakeholders.

The webinar focused directly on the topic of diversity and offered tools and guidance to develop rich partnerships with diverse families and community members. The session explored the following questions, and featured school and district strategies to address and embrace diversity in ways that enable partnerships among home, school, and community:

  • What must be considered when cultivating partnerships with families and community members from diverse racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds?
  • How do we build “cultural competency” among our school and district staff?  
  • Who is responsible to lead this work?   

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