A Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Systems RCC


National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

Tool/Sample February 2014

This guide is meant to steer discussion about the development of a comprehensive teacher evaluation system. It is intended for state and district leaders who are interested in improving teaching and learning through the evaluation system. The guide discusses several studies that have had a great impact on teacher evaluation reform and discusses different approaches used to address state accountability and district autonomy when implementing teacher evaluation systems.

Most importantly, the guide provides eight components of designing what it describes as system goals; 2) securing and sustaining stakeholder investment and cultivating a strategic communication plan; 3) selecting measures; 4) determining the structure of the evaluation system; 5) selecting and training evaluators; 6) ensuring data integrity or transparency; 7) using teacher evaluation results; and 8) evaluating the system. Because this guide is not meant to be a step-by-step guide but is intended to initiate discussion about a teacher evaluation system, it includes a set of guiding questions associated with each component that can be used by state and district leaders who are considering the implementation of such a system.

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