Re-examining Reclassification: Guidance from a National Working Session on Policies and Practices for Exiting Students from English Learner Status


By Linquanti, R., Cook, H. G.


Publication Nov. 2015
Re-examining Reclassification

Linquanti & Cook provide a framework to to examine issues and options associated with reclassifying English learners (ELs) to fluent English proficient (R-FEP) status, delineated in four stages: 1) identifying potential ELs; 2) establishing initial EL classification; 3) defining an “English proficient” performance standard; and 4) reclassifying ELs. This report focuses specifically on Stage 4, although it also necessarily touches on Stage 3, as the English-proficient performance standard on the state English language proficiency (ELP) assessment is one criterion that is very often used in determining readiness to exit specialized support services designated for English learners. Indeed, among 29 states and the District of Columbia at present, it is the only criterion used to determine a student's reclassification to former English learner status.

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