Resources Addressing the Instruction of English Language Learners RCC


By Staff of the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center

Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center

Publication June 2015

This annotated bibliography of resources was created by the MACC@WestEd for the Academic Recovery Liaisons with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As stated by the authors, "The first section of the document presents an overview of the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Literacy Plan and the U.S. Department of Education’s English Learner Toolkit. Next, there are descriptions of resources on high-performing schools for English language learners, School Improvement Grants and ELLs, and lessons learned from a study conducted by Great City Schools. Third, there is an overview of a resource on two different types of instructional models and their strategies. The fourth section contains descriptions of resources on instructional strategies for ELLs, including general methods, English language arts, academic content, and interventions for elementary and secondary levels. The final section includes information on additional resources, particularly national websites where other resources can be accessed. "This resource is not intended to be exhaustive nor to provide detailed analyses of the content of the resources identified." (pp. 1-2)

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