Standards-based teacher evaluation as a foundation for knowledge- and skill-based pay


By Herbert G. Heneman III, Anthony Milanowski, Steven M. Kimball, and Allan Odden

Consortium for Policy Research in Education; Graduate School ofEducation, University of Pennsylvania

Publication May 2006

The authors' research shows the promise of standards-based teacher evaluation as a foundation for KSBP systems. In order to make the most of this approach, moving toward standards-based evaluation should be more than a fine-tuning of the existing evaluation system. Indeed, the system should be made an integral component of a general performance improvement strategy. Then a commitment to a transformation in how teacher performance is defined, measured, and supported is needed. Such commitment needs to extend not only to the teacher evaluation process, but also to aligning the human resource management system, linking the aligned system to state or district instructional strategies, and addressing teacher and administrator apprehensions about changing the pay system.

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