State Agencies in Charge of Turnaround: Capacity and Delivery CST REL


By WestEd

Publication December, 2015
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In late 2015, in Washington, DC, WestEd brought together a panel that included some of the agency’s own expertise on the topic of states’ challenges for supporting turnaround schools and leaders, a key theme under the new Every Student Succeeds Act. This briefing paper outlines the major themes dis­cussed during the forum and notes the policy implica­tions of these themes by raising questions for federal and state policymakers to consider in the interest of supporting state-led school turnaround.

The intention of this briefing paper is to increase awareness of some of the many implementation issues involved in school and district turnaround — issues that face local education agencies and state education agencies alike. If educators are to use current and upcoming opportunities to improve — systemically — many of the nation’s underperforming schools, all stakeholders must work collaboratively to identify and spread effective practices, create the policies and conditions necessary for success, build capacity, and ensure the scalability and sustainability of the work.

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Jeryl Scott

March 16, 2016 - 8:16 pm

It is important to build capacity for underperforming schools, by building relationships with underperforming students so that these students will begin to re-engage in the lessons, participate in best-practices and peak performance in realistic assignments.


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