Taking Data to New Depths


By Nancy Love

Alliance for Excellent Education, National Staff Development Council


This article describes the Using Data Project, funded by the National Science Foundation, to help mathematics and science teachers develop data literacy to improve their instruction. The article is intended for school leaders and administrators interested in helping science and mathematics teachers become data facilitators. It provides an overview of what data facilitators can do for schools once they are trained under the Using Data Project.

The article describes how data facilitators are trained with on-site coaching and the multiple levels of student learning they learn to analyze. After training, data facilitators return to their schools, build collaborative data teams, foster collaboration, and facilitate conversations about interpreting and using data to improve teaching and learning. The article also discusses how data facilitators can help develop cultural shifts within their schools to create data-driven learning environments.

Love, N. (2004). Taking Data to New Depths. National Staff Development Council. Vol. 25, No. 4.

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Using Data