Rural Schools

The focus of this group is to disseminate information on the use of technology, teacher and leadership development and instructional practices as strategies to support student achievement and school improvement in rural communities.


2014-02-12 17:50

Check out the Center on School Turnaround Journeys Project

Most school improvement efforts are described only after the turnaround process is complete. However, The Journeys Project, documents schools throughout the turnaround process. The project aims to document and capture questions such as: What are the early challenges, decisions, and results? How do schools handle roadblocks? Where do they turn for advice and support? What happens when things don’t go according to plan?

Check out the Journey Project web site to meet the schools; learn about their turnaround plans, processes, and outcomes, as well as their unique demographics, histories, and contexts.

Erin Carter


2014-02-05 09:13

Webinar archives available

Information and links are posted in the Workspace Documents section on the 4-part series on rural education. Which parts of the discussion did you find most helpful?

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