Using Needs Assessments for School and District Improvement

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 11:00 am

Are school and district leaders clear on the supports their schools need before they begin the School Improvement process?

The Center on School Turnaround hosted this webinar featuring the recently released guide, Using Needs Assessments for School and District Improvement, done in collaboration with the Council on Chief State School Officers ( CCSSO).  Review this archive to learn how needs assessments can be used to support school and district improvement efforts.  The tactical guide covers:

  • The importance of a needs assessment for school and district improvement,
  • Connections to school improvement-specific ESSA requirements
  • How the needs assessment fits into the cycle of improvement,
  • The components of a needs assessment, and
  • Suggestions for the needs assessment process.

       During the webinar examples of needs assessments were highlighted.  This included revisting “The Domains for Rapid School Improvement: A Systems Framework”,  to discuss how how the set of practices can be adopted or adapted for schools experiencing higher performance trajectories.